Bridging Taiwanese Heritage

Community Events


1. With "Discover Taiwan," Fremont Taiwan School aims to introduce Taiwanese culture to Bay Area's youth through monthly presentations on art, traditions, and delicacies. After each 1 1/2 -hour session of presentation, children will bring home a handcrafted treasure as a reminder of the cultural experience.

Please join us for eight sessions of fun at Castro Valley Library on the dates below. All programs are held from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM, unless otherwise noted.

Dates Topic (English) Topic (Chinese)
10/18/2014 The Marriage Culture of Taiwan 台灣婚嫁文化
12/13/2014 The Allure of Taiwan’s Temple Culture 台灣廟宇之美
2/21/2015 Taiwan's Handicraft of Bamboo 台灣竹藝
 4/18/2015 Tour Taiwan 一遊台灣
5/23/2015 The Art of Taiwanese Dance 綺麗的台灣之舞





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